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CyberLink_Power2Go_v6.0 Full

Drag-and-Drop Burning

Power2Go 6's Windows Gadget (for Vista) and Power2Go Express's Burning Icons (for XP) offer a hassle-free approach to copying discs and Burning files easily with a simple drag-and-dropburning media files via the PC desktop. Drag-and-drop burning, includes the following modes:

  • DATA

Burn any disc

CyberLink Power2Go offers a complete range of tools for burning all media formats and disc types. Support for Blu-ray Discs lets you burn huge volumes of data, such as backing up movie and photo files. Power2Go supports the automatic splitting of files across two discs if the size of the files exceeds your available disc capacity.

Burn any file

Video and Photo tools provide easy-to-use features for quickly creating DVDs featuring video, photo slideshows, and 2-channel Dolby Digital. Video/Photo features include:

  • Video and Photo toolsSlideshow editor for converting photos into slideshows
  • DVD authoring for creating menus before burning to DVD
  • Inserting DVD chapters
  • Video trimming
  • VCD and DVD burning
  • DVD Auto-Fit compression

Audio features allow the extracting of audio tracks from video files and create Audio CDs from MP3s. Power2Go unlimited MP3 ripping and file conversion tools let you create audio files for your portable media player. Audio features include:

  • Audio featuresRipping from CDs to MP3, WMA or WAV files
  • Audio normalization between tracks
  • Support for the Freedb info online database
  • Support for inputting CD text
  • Audio file converter
  • Create music tracks from video files
  • Audio CD burning
  • Insert gaps between audio tracks

Mixed Media Discs

Power2Go enables the creation of mixed media discs, allowing you to burn data and audio/videos/photos on the same disc, using the following formats:

  • CD-Extra lets you create Audio CDs that include data files. Discs can be played on your consumer CD player.
  • Mixed Mode CD allows you to burn data to CD, and include music formatted as an Audio CD. You can play your music and view data files via a PC or compatible CD player.
  • HighMAT (from Microsoft) supports the creation of multi-media discs that play on consumer devices supporting the format.

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