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WGA Patcher Permanent Edition!**************
Windows Genuine Advantage Patcher Permanet Kit"The Secusser of the WGA Patcher Classics"
Make Your Pirated PC, Genuine 100%!


These Prorames included, Enables Pirated PC to become Genuine.

- You No longer need to find cracks via the internet!
- You Can Download products from Microsoft that uses WGA, Such as Windows Defender, WMP11, IE7, etc
- Use Windows Update!
-Another Cool thing is that you can Install Program that Require Validtaion, and you won't need a crack such as WGA Patcher Classics!
It i'll say your PC is Genuine!

THE tools included in the ZIP Files DOES NOT have SPYWARE or ADWARE, according to there owners!
I do Not OWN the Product inside the Package. I only titled it WGA Patcher!

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